Google Summer of Code 2009

My proposal Boost Drupal Media Module Development was accepted and I’m participating in the Google Summer of Code program this year. I’ll working with the Drupal Media Project to accelerate development and bring the project closer to a beta release.

Supplemental Q & A

I originally added this section for the review process, but I’ll leave it just for kicks.

When did you become interested in programming?

Since my earliest memories I’ve always had fun with computers, but I guess I didn’t really become interested in programming until the start of high school. The summer was being a drag so I created a website directory of animated emoticons that people could link to… it didn’t last very long.

What is your favorite editor for development?

TextMate. It has a lot of features but isn’t bloated.

Virtually all programmers defend their coding style or programming language religiously; what denominations do you belong to?

Ha! I’m relatively language agnostic. I do have my likes (ruby) and dislikes (perl), but that doesn’t stop me from using the right tool for the job. As to coding style, I prefer the Allman (ANSI) style with a slight twist: consecutive blocks of code should be smartly spaced. For example, comments should align in consecutive blocks of code. This was taught by one of my early Computer Science professors and I thought she was crazy at the time, but it really does make code easier to read. I absolutely cannot stand styles like Whitesmiths and GNU.

I believe consistency is more important than the specific coding style. A project should establish coding style guidelines and then stick to them. There’s little worse than having multiple styles in a single source file.

What is your favorite source control manager?

SVN, however I have been using Git for more recent projects. There is a rather amusing and informative talk on why Git is better by Linus Torvalds that can be found on YouTube.

You’re proposing Google Summer of Code projects for Drupal, but your blog here is run by WordPress. What’s up with that?

You got me, I confess! I chose WordPress over Drupal, because quite honestly, the WordPress media management engine blows everything that Drupal has in that area out of the water. It’s organized, easy to use, and it works out of the box. However, my “Boost Drupal Media Module Development” proposal, if accepted, will allow me to assist the project in bringing some of this goodness to Drupal.

If you have other fun or serious questions that I can answer, ask me.

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