A Brief Analysis of OpenID

“Holy crap! A single unique ID that will give me access to any website would be freaking sweet!” That was my initial response when I first heard about OpenID and what the project envisioned. It reminded me of the computer systems in sci-fi movies where the heroes didn’t have to memorize dozens of passwords to […]

Google Earth Hour

Imagine my surprise today when I pulled up Google to do a quick search and was presented with the first major change to the interface since I was first introduced! Not to worry though, Google is just trying to make people in the United States aware of power conservation efforts. The normal interface should return […]

Advertisement Free Google Searches!

I recently discovered this URL: http://google.com/ie Essentially it is a no frills version of Google Search. There are no advertisements and results are displayed as a list of links. Speeds are surprisingly even faster than the normal Google search. I came about this information when viewing Fravia’s web site about search techniques. A very interesting […]