Google Summer of Code 2009

I’ve also submitted new proposals for the 2010 year, wish me luck! I just received word that my proposal “Boost Drupal Media Module Development” has been accepted for the Google Summer of Code program. I’ll be working with the Drupal Media Project to accelerate development and bring the project closer to a beta release. I […]

Tech Resolutions for 2009

Happy new years everyone! Last year I posted some of my resolutions for last year (2008) and so I thought that this would be a good time to look at 2008 in review and introduce my 2009 resolutions.

Status Update

Tonight I have been burning the late night early morning oil (3:14) as usual on various projects and listening to good ole’ The Association but I thought I should take some time to update you guys on what’s going on and why things have been rather bleak lately…

Stop the Cliche Madness!

So I was reading an article for Systems Analysis & Design class that said “It has become a cliche to talk about IT project cost overruns and blown deadlines.” And for some reason I found myself in this thought pattern: So it is sometimes a cliche to talk about something. What about it being sometimes […]