Status Update

Tonight I have been burning the late night early morning oil (3:14) as usual on various projects and listening to good ole’ The Association but I thought I should take some time to update you guys on what’s going on and why things have been rather bleak lately…

On the Summer Thing

Yes, the days that every student longs for, summer is finally here but with it comes the Nebraska heat and humidity. You would think that growing up overseas near the equator (Palau to be exact) I would have some kind of immunity but it still takes time getting used to after every winter. I finished finals 3 weeks ago and have since then been making various trips back to Colorado, settling into a new house with new roommates, and becoming accustomed to full 8 hour work days.

On the Work Front

The Drupal Logo

You may be wondering why I stuck around in Lincoln instead of heading back to wonderful Colorado for the summer and there’s a very simple explanation: work. I was hired by Union College to work on the website over the summer. My primary objective is to move the entire college website and eventually some of the microsites from their proprietary content management system to the open-source Drupal. So far it has gone surprisingly well for not having any sort of documentation on the old system. I may have to write up a case study of some sort when the project is done.

On Personal Projects

I’ve created a mockup of a new website design for this website that I like and just need to get around to creating the wordpress template for it. Along with it should come a new logo, and personal business cards–something that has been on my todo list for a long time now. I’m hoping to get that cranked out within the next week or two.

Giddy Anticipation

On June 3rd Apple should begin their summer student promotion. If it’s anything like last year then there may be another free iPod Nano. I plan to take advantage of this opportunity to order a new 24″ iMac to complement my 17″ Macbook Pro. This will mark the 1 year anniversary that I have been using Mac OS X as my primary operating system (editorial is forthcoming).

I know that this will leave me with a rather large portable that is almost as powerful as the high-end iMac but last month I noticed an area on the screen of my Macbook Pro that was damaged. I wanted to get it repaired and that’s when I came to the realization that I didn’t have a fall back plan if my macbook pro completely failed and I had to send it in. Sure all of my data is backed up and safe and 1-2 weeks without a computer for personal use is doable, but when it comes to work and development environments it’s not good. So for the past month I have been holding off on repairs trying to formulate an alternate plan on a tight budget.

Do you have a two computer setup? What kind of configuration (e.g. 2 laptops, 1 laptop/1 desktop etc.). Post your comments on the matter because I would love to hear.

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