Google Summer of Code Development Blog

Update 1/1/2010: I have archived the development blog. It is no longer available. Interested in tracking my progress on the Drupal Media project as part of my participation in the Google Summer of Code program? Head to Don’t worry about the blog being over you head. Updates will be short, sweet, and easy to […]

SSH on your iPhone with TouchTerm

I’m about to walk out the door to catch a movie this evening and I get an SMS alert from Pingdom that my server is down. “That’s strange, I haven’t even logged into the server today,” I think to myself. I hop on my Mac to check things out and it definitely is down. I hurriedly attempt an emergency console […]

So Long Mediatemple, Hello Slicehost

For about a year now I have been running all of my projects on various mediatemple servers and while I have not had any trouble with the services I have always had to opt out of the upgrade program which essentially meant that I was paying a premium for a self-managed VPS. Last weekend I […]