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Update 1/1/2010: I have archived the development blog. It is no longer available.

Interested in tracking my progress on the Drupal Media project as part of my participation in the Google Summer of Code program? Head to Don’t worry about the blog being over you head. Updates will be short, sweet, and easy to read so that anyone can grab an update in less than a minute or two.

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  • Juliusz Dec 30, 2012 Link Reply

    I am afraid, I am going to diinspopat you at least partially, since we are clearly diving back in code, at least in the short term. Simply, because Krita has many bugs that need to be fixed, in the back-end area. On the other hand, during this week-end we have work with an interaction architect (Peter Sikking who also work on the GIMP/OpenPrint UI) on some aspect of our UI, and we hope to keep working on that on the future. But you also have to consider that we are mostly developers , we are not trained in UI design, so I think we should be concentrated on what we are good at, in other word, for the research/ui design we would need people that are trained on those aspect to come and work with us.As for the high-end question, we have a set of real artists that we want to turn into full KDE users, but when we say high-end we means people who work 20 to 30 hours a week with Krita. As for the research on artists, for a while we have being working with a few artists that compile Krita/trunk on a regular basis to have early feedback on our changes, we would like to have more of them, and of course to be able to observe them if possible.When it comes to delivrable, we have decided to stop to files, so no printing (other than desktop, no industrial painting). And Krita should be able to work with mouse and tablet.Finally, we are new to that, not trained in those area, and do not expect a revolution, but evolution.

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