Consistency and Usability

I forgot one of my other resolutions and just in the nick of time: Consistency and Usability!

I’m going to try to make a post on this blog every day, but only if I have quality content. I got this tip from Jakob Nielsen’s Top 10 Design Mistakes. I highly recommend taking a look at his list if you are starting your own blog or want to do a checkup of your current site.


I noticed this article in my RSS feeds a few days ago from The New York Times: Innovative Minds Don’t Think Alike. I found this article very interesting and particularly true personally. As a programmer, I do find myself getting carried away with the code and what makes sense to me leaving little thought to what everyone else (professors, friends, etc.) think of the same interface. So, when I create my official website design I will keep you guys, my future (hopefully loyal) readers in mind.

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