Google Disaster Strikes

I logged into Google and updated my email address and went through the confirmation process. All seemed fine and dandy and like any other contact information change I have ever done until [queue ominous music]I logged back in and it was like my analytics account had never existed! It’s not the worst thing in the world since I really didn’t have much to look at but still a little disappointing. Nevertheless, I move on and try to create a new analytics account as requested and at the very end I get an error message saying my account already had analytics service!?! But I have no way of accessing it. So of course that merited a support request and I’m waiting on the issue to be resolved.

On a pleasant note though, this presented the perfect excuse for me to try another analytics program that I have been eying for awhile now: Mint. What attracted me the most to this product was the clean design which I am a big fan. I’ll write up a review later today after I’ve played around with it a little.

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