Updates Rolled Out

I received some great feedback from users of, the iPhone webapp that I released last week. And so I had another weekend of obsession implementing some new features that were suggested and fixing bugs. Version 2.0 was rolled out this morning and includes these new feature:

  • The ability to set your preferred Bible version. You can now choose the NIV, KJV, or ASV.
  • Added ability to change font size of search results
  • Improved display of passage lookups
  • Implied boolean logic

There were also a couple bug fixes:

  • Boolean searches should now be working
  • Improved error handling if search string is empty
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  • Padre Fitz Apr 8, 2008 Link Reply

    How do I go about downloading this for my iPod Touch? I saw nothing on these pages that says “Download” or “link” etc. Sorry about being such a newbie with this. Somehow a note on the KJV came to my email. I really wanted the NIV and marked that as my preference. Is that all I do – then open my email and sync it to my Touch? I hope so. Thanks

    PEACE and JOY! Paul

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