Transoding Workflow Actions for iTunes


On the backburner until I get tired of manually managing the transcoding using the Lossless to AAC workflow.


Create a distributable automator workflow to synchronize an iTunes library and iPod while transcoding lossless songs to a lower bitrate alternative.


This project will consist of writing a few actions for automator to provide the needed functionality to accomplish the goal. The additional actions that will be required are:

  • Find Differences
    • This action will compare all songs on the iPod to the iTunes library and return the differences.
    • Will look for expected transcoded files on iPod from lossless master library using set encoder.
  • Set Encoder
    • This action will set the encoder (iTunes import preferences)
  • Reset Encoder
    • This action will undo the set encoder action and restore the preferences to their original value
  • Convert Tracks
    • This action will convert an input song to the preset encoder settings
  • Copy Tracks to iPod
    • This action will copy itunes tracks to an iPod
  • Delete Tracks
    • This action will delete specified iTunes tracks (primarily temporary AAC files)
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