Past Projects

Here are some awesome projects I’ve worked on in the past.


Help individual investors become more successful by providing tools and processes that focus on true intrinsic value as defined by Warren Buffett. Evaluate companies and locate potential stock purchase opportunities so that your investments provide fantastic returns.

Start: June 2012 | Status: Retired May 2016 | Closed Source


CFBackup is a small ruby program that transfers files or directories to Rackspace Cloud Files. It serves as a useful tool for automated backups for hundreds of people.

Start: April 2009 | Status: Inactive | Overview | GitHub repository

Google Summer of Code 2010

I prepared WordPress for the next generation by leveraging new PHP5+ functionality like stream wrappers to make media asset consolidation a cake walk.

Start: May 2010 | Status: Completed August 2010 | Proposal | Dev Blog is the fastest online bible viewer available for the iPhone. Launched before Apple allowed 3rd party applications on the iPhone, this Web site has been used by thousands of people.

Start: March 2008 | Status: Retired March 2011

Google Summer of Code 2009

I worked with the Drupal Media Project to make Drupal media management awesome.

Start: April 2009 | Status: Completed August 2009 | Project overview

Animated Mandelbrot

I’ve always had a fascination with fractals, so to continue gaining experience with Objective-C on the Mac platform, I decided to try my hand. This application allows you to specify the starting and ending points on the graph and then generate a smooth animation of zooming in on the fractal.

Start: December 2008 | Status: 95% complete | Overview | GitHub repository

Super Cell

Super Cell is my first dive into programming on the Mac platform using Objective-C. This project began with the goal of testing multi-processing systems, however, it has morphed into a simple interactive simulation where the user gets to play “god” and adjust resources of the world during play.

Start: November 2008 | Status: Prototyped–Abandoned for Animated Mandelbrot