Someday Maybe

Every so often I come up with an idea or dream that I would really like to pursue but don’t have the time. So, I toss those wishes in this little bucket for future tracking.

* Personal accounting software done the right way to replace Quicken and not run in the cloud like Mint (2008/6/18)

## Eureka!

The ideas below used to be in my someday maybe box, but were solved [thankfully] by others before I had to devote my time on them.

* A 2-way sync application done right (2008/8/13)
* Dropbox
* Fork rsync, fix xattr support, and add bidirectional syncing (2008/6/27)
* rsync 3
* Create a better Getting Things Done web application (2008/1/??)
* [OmniFocus](
* Lossless to AAC workflow for iTunes (2007/10/16)
* iTunes now will do this on the fly for all i* devices.
* Create the next generation context aware search engine (2008/6/27)
* Google and other search engines are getting pretty damn good