Mac OS X Resource Forks

What are resource forks in Mac OS X? How can they be used? What applications are using them? Are they being deprecated? Are developers encouraged to make use of them? Are they the future? Why is there a lack of up-to-date documentation? These are just a handful of questions that I had about the underlying Mac OS […]

SSH on your iPhone with TouchTerm

I’m about to walk out the door to catch a movie this evening and I get an SMS alert from Pingdom that my server is down. “That’s strange, I haven’t even logged into the server today,” I think to myself. I hop on my Mac to check things out and it definitely is down. I hurriedly attempt an emergency console […]

Installing Windows Vista 64-bit on an iMac

I am surprised to discover that 64-bit Windows Vista is not supported on the latest iMacs. The hardware to support it is all there and it even runs on the Mac Pros and MacBook Pros so I would have thought the same would apply to the iMac, but alas this is not the case. There […]

Keeping 2 Macs Synchronized

Updated 7/28/2008 3:00 AM. (Corrected errors and added Unison) When my new iMac was up and running smoothly I turned my focus to keeping it synced with my Macbook Pro. This turned out to be a rather challenging and complicated task. Mac OS X normally uses the HFS+ file system which adds extended attributes and […]