The First steps with Cocoa, Objective-C, Xcode, and Interface Builder

I took the plunge and spent my precious Sunday afternoon exploring the world of Apple software development. I hunkered down and completed the simple Currency Converter Guide from Apple’s Developer Connection website. I thought that the guide was well organized and covered most of the important topics and design decisions regarding object oriented programming and […]

My Thoughts on Macworld 2008

This was the first Macworld (Steve Jobs Keynote) that I actually kept tabs on since switching over to Apple hardware last year. I had watched recordings of the previous events and this year definitely did not top the last 2. I mean, Randy Newman was the one more thing which I thought was pretty lame […]

iTunes Transcoding Lossless to AAC Workflow

My iTunes library is massive (when compared to the capacity of an 80GB iPod). Nearly all of my songs are in Apple Lossless so as you can imagine, it is not hard to have more songs than my iPod will hold in the lossless format. Being familiar with other media managers, I expected to be […]