Mac OS X Resource Forks

What are resource forks in Mac OS X? How can they be used? What applications are using them? Are they being deprecated? Are developers encouraged to make use of them? Are they the future? Why is there a lack of up-to-date documentation? These are just a handful of questions that I had about the underlying Mac OS […]

How To: Automatic SSH Tunnel

Using public networks for sensitive online communication is inherently risky. Anything that is not transferred through a secured connection is publicly visible. After snooping network traffic at various public wifi hotspots (for academic purposes) I have become a more paranoid web surfer. The https and padlock just aren’t good enough for me anymore. So, whenver […]

Dropbox: Synchronization that Works

If you read my post about keeping 2 Macs synchronized back in July, you may have left disappointed because I didn’t offer a solution that worked. Well, I can finally resolve that issue now.