Keeping 2 Macs Synchronized

Updated 7/28/2008 3:00 AM. (Corrected errors and added Unison) When my new iMac was up and running smoothly I turned my focus to keeping it synced with my Macbook Pro. This turned out to be a rather challenging and complicated task. Mac OS X normally uses the HFS+ file system which adds extended attributes and […]

How To: Setup a Dedicated Proxy Server for a Nintendo Wii

This is sort of a continuation of my previous post about getting around a college firewall but with the intent of getting the Nintendo Wii online. The Wii expects a regular HTTP proxy, so the SOCKS based one that I used for my YouTube fix won’t work. I chose the easiest solution based on the […]

Kernel Panics With New Crucial RAM

I never have had much luck with RAM. It seems for all of the computers I have built I would always get at least one bad stick in every batch and this one was no different. After installing the new 4GB of Crucial RAM last week I started getting kernel panics. One of the most […]

Upgrading Excalibur (my MacBook Pro)

I told myself that the 17″ MacBook Pro I bought last June, nicknamed Excalibur, would have to last me for at least 3 years until I get out of college. 10 months later and I’m already getting jittery because I haven’t gotten my semi-annual dosage of new computer toy. To appease the raging desire to […]