Kernel Panics With New Crucial RAM

I never have had much luck with RAM. It seems for all of the computers I have built I would always get at least one bad stick in every batch and this one was no different. After installing the new 4GB of Crucial RAM last week I started getting kernel panics. One of the most common causes for kernel panics is malfunctioning kernel extensions or bad hardware. After false positive stress tests, I was finally able to confirm that it was the RAM and not the new EFI firmware that I had updated the same day:

I installed the Crucial RAM in a friends iMac and went to Best Buy and purchased 4GB of Kingston memory for the outrageous price of ~$400. Fortunately results were fast in coming and the iMac experienced a memory management BSOD, and my Macbook Pro since installing the kingston has been rock stable.

The exact same Kingston RAM can be bought from Newegg for under $90, so of course I’m going to return the RAM to Best Buy after I get my new stuff from Newegg. I find it very troublesome that it’s so over priced at Best Buy. But we can finally end the story with a happily ever after… until next month :p

Just in case you are new, my primary computer is a 17″ Macbook Pro which goes almost everywhere with me. I’ll be writing an article on my current hardware in the future so stay tuned.

Here are a couple of the kernel panics experienced in case it helps someone else troubleshoot their KP problems:

P.S. – I will be returning the Crucial memory for a full refund but just know that I’m not bashing Crucial. I just happened to be unlucky enough to get a bad batch. The actual memory chips on the modules were actually produced by the same company for both Crucial and Kingston modules: Elipda.

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