Powered by Cloud Files? Moving Away from S3

If you have read my about page, then you know that this website and a few others are hosted from a 256 slice from Slicehost. Last week I discovered that if my Slice is located in the DFW (Dallas Fort Worth) datacenter that I could get free network transfer between the Slice and Cloud Files. […]

Slicehost Aquired by Rackspace

Yesterday Slicehost announced their acquisition by Rackspace. Both companies provided web hosting services but targeted drastically different client bases. As the Slicehost tag line says “built for developers,” their core clientele

So Long Mediatemple, Hello Slicehost

For about a year now I have been running all of my projects on various mediatemple servers and while I have not had any trouble with the services I have always had to opt out of the upgrade program which essentially meant that I was paying a premium for a self-managed VPS. Last weekend I […]