A Glance at Ethics in the Digital Era

Here’s a relic from the past–an old school research paper. Debates around computing ethics continue on, so I thought I would toss some of my old thoughts out there. The conclusion I had when I wrote this is still true today as we see some states in the U.S. implementing school programs to educate kids […]

My Thoughts on Macworld 2008

This was the first Macworld (Steve Jobs Keynote) that I actually kept tabs on since switching over to Apple hardware last year. I had watched recordings of the previous events and this year definitely did not top the last 2. I mean, Randy Newman was the one more thing which I thought was pretty lame […]

I Predict the Blu-Ray Disc Format Will Be the Winner

Update: I was right! We have repeated history and now have another format war much like VHS vs. Betamax, but now with digital technology instead analog. The uncertainty about which format would receive mainstream adoption has made most people avoid the move to high definition altogether until everything is sorted out. After all, to most […]