Week in Review

It has been a very busy week so I thought I’d do a quick recap of what has happened.

All of my websites and projects have been moved to a new (dv) 3.5 server from Mediatemple. The only issue I’ve noticed so far is with WordPress, the auto_increment value on my wp_posts table was “lost” during the move so any new posts I created had an invalid ID of 0. Because this is a Plesk Migration “Bug” I give it a letter grade of F. I know it’s harsh, but it’s a simple database dump and import which if done manually results in a proper migration. I know we all make mistakes but that’s what a QA team is for.

Other than that I’m very excited about having Ruby on Rails preinstalled on my server and ready to be learned but the recent release of the iPhone SDK may postpone that so I can take a second look at objective-C. I’m not too thrilled about the closed nature and certification process that we will have to go through to submit our programs to the application store, not to mention the nice 30% chunk of money Apple takes off the top. But, I admit that requiring certified programs before they can be installed will reduce the risk of security vulnerabilities, albeit at a loss of “freedom” as we have had with the windows platform.

School has been ramping up in preparation for Spring Break. Everyone knows that very little will happen during the last home stretch to summer with the weather getting warmer :P. Despite a heavier than normal workload I have had the privilege to see a side project through from start to finish just during this week and I’m extremely happy with the results. Read more about that in this post: iScripture.org Launches

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