SSH on your iPhone with TouchTerm

I’m about to walk out the door to catch a movie this evening and I get an SMS alert from Pingdom that my server is down. “That’s strange, I haven’t even logged into the server today,” I think to myself. I hop on my Mac to check things out and it definitely is down. I hurriedly attempt an emergency console […] Updates Rolled Out

I received some great feedback from users of, the iPhone webapp that I released last week. And so I had another weekend of obsession implementing some new features that were suggested and fixing bugs.

My Thoughts on Macworld 2008

This was the first Macworld (Steve Jobs Keynote) that I actually kept tabs on since switching over to Apple hardware last year. I had watched recordings of the previous events and this year definitely did not top the last 2. I mean, Randy Newman was the one more thing which I thought was pretty lame […]