Change OS X Screen Resolution from the Menu Bar

Want a way to change your screen resolution and screen brightness from the OS X menu bar? I did, so I pulled together several separate solutions to scratch the itch. Here’s my setup and what you’ll need to implement it yourself.

Guide: Convert comics to PDF without white margins

The bug bit me this afternoon in the desire to convert some comic book CBR files to PDF so that I could put them in iBooks and have everything in one place. I turned to trusty Calibre to do this, but could not find a combination of settings that wouldn’t mess with aspect ratios and […]

Back to GitHub

My brief adventure into consolidation and total control with redmine ( has come to an end. As of today, all of my open source projects are back on GitHub. I decided to move back because GitHub will provide greater exposure and provide more accessibility than I can provide within my time constraints. I think this […]

Animated Mandelbrot and Friends Team up to Fork Some Code

In an all new episode of “What’s Jon up to?” Redmine, Animated Mandelbrot and friends team up to fork some code. Will the team be able to defeat the odious Crash and catch the heinous Exception? Will they be able to traverse the crevice of Reliability? Tune in to this weeks episode to find out! 😛