Bad Designs Among Us

Bad designs are among us! Ack! Who the hell thought this was a good idea? Join me on a short, infuriating experience, and see some other examples of the horrors that surround us every day.

New Design for

I finally got my act together over the weekend and whipped out a new design for and it is a big improvement over the old (non)design I think we can all agree. The new look is based on the popular k2 theme with a few tweaks. Besides a new face there are also some […]

Consistency and Usability

I forgot one of my other resolutions and just in the nick of time: Consistency and Usability! I’m going to try to make a post on this blog every day, but only if I have quality content. I got this tip from Jakob Nielsen’s Top 10 Design Mistakes. I highly recommend taking a look at […]