WordPress HTTP Error with Nginx

While trying to upload a 4mb PDF file using the WordPress 2.7 media manager, I received a very unhelpful “HTTP Error” message. I found several references to mod_security being the problem, but that was for Apache setups. I finally stumbled on the true error by using the Browser uploader instead of the flash uploader. The […]

A Brief Analysis of OpenID

“Holy crap! A single unique ID that will give me access to any website would be freaking sweet!” That was my initial response when I first heard about OpenID and what the project envisioned. It reminded me of the computer systems in sci-fi movies where the heroes didn’t have to memorize dozens of passwords to […]

Living Dangerously with WordPress 2.5 RC2

Being one that always loves to play around with new things, I wanted to upgrade to WordPress 2.5 RC2 on my production site but being production I didn’t initially want to risk it. Instead I did a quick install on my development server which took less than 5 minutes and gave things a run through. […]

Week in Review

It has been a very busy week so I thought I’d do a quick recap of what has happened. All of my websites and projects have been moved to a new (dv) 3.5 server from Mediatemple. The only issue I’ve noticed so far is with WordPress, the auto_increment value on my wp_posts table was “lost” […]